3 Reasons Why Seniors Should Try Zumba

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Benefits of Zumba for Seniors

You already know cardio-based exercise offers many physical benefits for seniors, but there are other reasons why Zumba is a good way for your elderly loved one to stay active. Read on for three reasons senior home care experts at Scottsdale Home Care recommend Zumba for seniors.

1. Regular Social Activity

Attending a Zumba class every week will promote ongoing social interaction, as well as physical activity. Studies show being social has physical and mental benefits for seniors, including controlling blood pressure, helping manage pain, and potentially reducing the risk for Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and feelings of loneliness or isolation.

2. No Pressure

Zumba is known for being a judgment-free zone. Zumba gives your loved one the opportunity to participate in a group exercise class without feeling the need to keep up with the instructor. While starting a new activity might be difficult for your loved one at first, the only real requirement for Zumba is that your loved one has fun.

3. Easy Access

Zumba is a low-impact exercise, meaning seniors of all mobility levels can participate. Plus, because of its increasing popularity among seniors, instructors are offering seniors-only classes in accessible locations. If you have difficulty finding Zumba classes offered nearby, or your loved one is unable to leave the home without assistance from a family member or hourly home caregiver in Scottsdale, you can also hire instructors who teach in-home Zumba classes.

Finding the best way to promote your senior loved one’s physical fitness depends on his or her particular abilities. A professional caregiver in Scottsdale can provide the physical assistance your loved one needs to safely implement an exercise routine, as well as help with other daily tasks, like personal care, transportation, and light housework.  If you want to learn more about how a caregiver from Home Care Assistance can assist your loved one, give a Care Manager a call at 480.448.6215 and schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation.


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