5 Benefits for Seniors Who Walk Daily

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Benefits of Daily Walks for Elderly

If you’re the primary Scottsdale caregiver of a senior loved one, you probably already do everything you can to keep him or her happy and healthy. Although the weather here can be on either end of the extremes making it difficult sometimes to stick to regular exercise, here are a few reminders why it’s important to get your senior loved one out for a daily walk.

1. Boost Mood

Walking releases chemicals in the brain that can actually boost mood. Even if your senior loved one isn’t blue, walking daily is a great way to keep him or her feeling happy. A casual stroll is also a great way to reduce stress and help your loved one relax.

2. Strengthen Immune System

Bodies both young and old reap tons of benefits from exercise, chief among them is a stronger immune system. Research suggests immune systems in people who exercise are more capable of battling bacteria that could make them sick. Walking also reduces the risk of heart disease in seniors and helps strength bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

3. Improve Memory

Walking improves blood flow to the brain and might even help delay the onset of dementia–and the need for dementia home care in Scottsdale. Your aging relative’s memory might be sharpened from a daily walk, and the benefits don’t go away immediately after the walk, either. They can often last for several hours after exercise has been completed.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

Many seniors struggle to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and having high blood pressure can lead to a myriad of health problems including stroke and heart attack. Walking just 40 minutes a day (it doesn’t have to be all at once) has been proven to significantly reduce blood pressure.

5. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Depending on your elderly relative’s weight, a 15-minute walk can burn upwards of 70 calories. It might not sound like a lot to an active adult, but small accomplishments lead to big results.

To help your senior loved one maintain mental and physical health, consider helping him or her establish a daily walking routine. Before beginning any type of walking regimen, consult with his or her physician. You can also reach out to Home Care Assistance, the leading provider of senior home care Scottsdale, to find out how our compassionate and experienced caregivers can promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for your senior loved one. Schedule a free consultation today with a trusted Care Manager by calling (480) 771-2710.


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