6 Foods Elderly Diabetics Should Eat Following a Stroke

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What Food Elderly Diabetics Should Eat Following a Stroke in Scottsdale, AZ

Untreated diabetes can quickly weaken the cardiovascular system, eventually increasing the risk of having a stroke. Following a stroke, diabetic seniors must adhere to a very strict diet if they want to boost their cardiovascular health and reduce their risk of additional health complications. In some cases, older adults might even be able to reverse their diabetes by making healthy dietary choices.

1. High-Fiber Fruits and Vegetables

Even though produce can contain quite a bit of sugar, most fruits and vegetables are also packed with fiber. Fiber is vital to the recovery process, and this nutrient can lower cholesterol levels and stabilize insulin production. Some of the best sources of fiber include pears, avocados, pumpkins, and apples. If the doctor has told your senior loved one to limit his or her sugar intake, consider serving some type of fiber supplement instead of additional servings of fruit. 

Recovering from a stroke, managing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and a variety of other health-related situations can make it difficult for a senior to continue living at home without someone there to help. Scottsdale live-in care professionals are trained to help seniors who need 24/7 assistance. With the help of a live-in caregiver, your elderly loved one can maintain a higher quality of life while aging in place.

2. Whole Grains

The body needs carbohydrates, but diabetic seniors must be very careful about what types of grains and starches they consume. Many baked goods contain simple carbohydrates, and eating those products could result in insulin spikes. For long-term energy, diabetic seniors should focus on complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain bread. French fries, baked sweets, and white bread must be avoided at all costs.

3. Low-Fat Dairy Products

Many nutrition experts suggest having at least a few servings of dairy every week, but some of those products are filled with unhealthy fats. Low-fat dairy products provide protein, potassium, and healthy bacteria for the gut biome. As an added bonus, most dairy products also contain quite a bit of calcium. More research needs to be done on the subject, but some nutritionists believe calcium might clear out the dangerous plaques that clog arteries. 

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4. Nuts and Seeds

There are a few different reasons your loved one should snack on nuts and seeds throughout the day. In addition to providing healthy fats and amino acids, most nuts and seeds also contain essential antioxidants such as vitamin E. Antioxidants are vital to cognitive health with age, and they attack the free radicals that inflame the soft tissue around the brain.

5. Beans

The American Diabetes Association suggests diabetic seniors have at least four or five servings of beans every week. Beans are very low on the glycemic index, and they’re an excellent source of protein and fiber. Some health experts believe beans are a great alternative to animal products as well. Many animal products contain saturated fats that increase cholesterol levels and constrict the blood vessels.

6. Fatty Fish

When it comes to animal protein, very few options are as healthy as fatty fish. Salmon, sardines, and other fatty fish are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce general inflammation of the brain. If your loved one doesn’t enjoy eating fish, give him or her a few servings of eggs every week. You can also use eggs to make healthy dressings and condiments.

Seniors can face a variety of age-related challenges. Though some families choose to take on the caregiving duties, there may come a time when they need a trusted Scottsdale Home Care provider. Families sometimes need respite from their duties so they can focus on their other responsibilities, and some seniors need around-the-clock assistance that their families are not able to provide. Trust your loved one’s care to the professionals at Home Care Assistance. Call us today at (480) 771-2710 to learn about our high-quality in-home care services.


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