Best States for Seniors

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Best States for Elderly and Retirees

Once your senior loved one has reached retirement age, he or she may be considering a move to a state that is more desirable to the senior population. Good climate among other factors, including low cost of living, low crime rate, low tax rates, availability to health care, and high life expectancy of the population should be considered when making a decision. Using these criteria, the five best and worst states for seniors are presented below.

Top Five States for Seniors

  1. Hawaii – This first-place ranking comes as no surprise as the climate of Hawaii is beautiful throughout the year and its residents have long life expectancies. Most retirement income is not taxed by the state, and there is limited estate and no inheritance taxes.
  2. Idaho – Despite its cooler climate, this state ranks second in the list. This is mainly due to the low crime rate and good economic climate. Idaho is home to one of the fastest-growing senior populations in the United States.
  3. Utah – With its cooler climate, this state is popular among seniors for its good economy. Seniors benefit from little taxation on retirement income. Living near cities such as Ogden or Salt Lake City provides easy access to healthcare and cultural activities.
  4. Arizona – Traditionally recognized as a favorite location among retirees because of its warm and dry climate, this state’s residents enjoy higher life expectancies. It is important to note that Arizona has a higher crime rate than other states, but this varies in different areas of the state. Seniors can also count on top-notch home care services in large cities throughout the state, like those provided by Home Care Scottsdale.
  5. Virginia – While the climate can vary throughout the year, this state is ranked fifth due to its good economy. With many major cities in the state, seniors have easy access to healthcare, as well as events and activities.

Worst Five States for Seniors

  1. Michigan – This state ranks as the worst state for seniors because of its poor economy, high unemployment, high crime rates, and its rough winter weather.
  2. Pennsylvania – With its poor economy and lower life expectancy, the growth rate of the senior population has experienced a significant slowdown.
  3. Alaska – With its harsh climate and the second-highest cost of living of all the states in the United States, living in Alaska may not be an enjoyable retirement.
  4. Illinois – Seniors who choose to retire to Illinois will have to deal with high property taxes and high crime rates because of the state’s high unemployment rate.
  5. Massachusetts – High property taxes and a higher cost of living make this state expensive for senior living.

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