How Seniors Can Embrace Gray Hair

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Tips for Seniors Going Grey

As we age, hair follicles stop producing melanin and everyone inevitably goes gray. Though many people hold the belief that stress or poor diet contributes to the graying process, DNA is the only factor proven to affect when our hair grays. Going gray can be tough for seniors, especially woman. Here are some tips from Scottsdale senior care experts Home Care Assistance that will help your senior loved one embrace the gray.

Manage Frizz
Gray hair comes with its own set of needs. Non-pigmented hair tends to be drier, and therefore frizzier, than colored hair. Find a good deep conditioner, or a make a homemade hair mask, and use twice a month to start. When styling, moisturize with an alcohol-free shine spray or light serum instead of heavy pomade. Another way to manage frizz is with routine haircuts every 6 to 8 weeks, which keeps ends smooth and healthy instead of split and dry.

Embrace the True Hue
Use shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated to care for gray, silver, and white hair. Gray hair naturally takes on a yellow tinge caused by UV rays and shampoos designed for gray hair help combat the dingy yellow color. Find shampoos with blue tints and mix with regular shampoo if the color is too bright. If hair takes on a purplish color, just switch to a clarifying shampoo for a short while.

Compliment the Silver Lining
Gray hair accents skin color differently than brown, blond, or black, which isn’t as big of a deal for senior men as it is for senior women. If your senior loved one wears makeup, she should avoid earth tones and beiges and instead use blush with peach or pink tones and pick darker lip colors instead of neutrals. Dressing in black, white, gray, silver, and rich jewel tones will also make gray hair pop.

With a little time and effort, your senior loved one can learn to love their new hue. If he or she needs help making regular trips to the salon, grocery shopping, or getting daily tasks done around the home, consider a part-time caregiver in Scottsdale. Home Care Assistance caregiver can assist with transportation, provide help around the house, and, most importantly, promote your senior loved one’s health and wellbeing. Call (480) 448-6215 to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation.


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