Why Caregivers Should Consider Joining a Support Group

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Those that care for a loved often find that while caregiving is a rewarding experience, it is often highly stressful and emotional. Isolation, anxiety and fear of the unknown are just a few emotions that caregivers must often deal with. While there are a variety of local support groups available throughout Scottsdale, many family caregivers do not take advantage of these groups for reasons ranging from fear that no one will understand to simply feeling scared or ashamed.

At Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale, we believe it is extremely important for the caregiver to take care of themselves. Not only does this promote their own health and emotional wellbeing, it ensures the quality of the care they provide their loved one. If you are not sure if a support group may be the right option for you, check out some of the standout benefits reported by family caregivers:

  1. A Close Network – One issue that many caregivers face is isolation. Friendships and social networking may often be neglected due to time constraints. There may also be conflict between friends and acquaintances that arise because they do not understand what the caregiver is going through. A support group can offer socialization with those that are familiar with these circumstances and friendships are often formed.
  2. Stress Reduction – Caring for an aging or ill loved one can be very stressful and honestly difficult for many to openly talk about. Caregivers may often feel guilt for voicing concerns or “venting.” Feelings of anger, inadequacy and anxiety can and do occur. A support group provides a platform that these individuals can have a voice and share triumphs as well as setbacks and feelings in a supportive environment without judgment.
  3. Source of Information – Support groups for family caregivers can be an excellent source of information. Many caregivers may be in a similar position and can recommend programs, such as hourly respite or live-in care services in Scottsdale. They may also be able to share information about financial or meal programs to benefit the aging loved one that the caregiver did not know about. It is not uncommon to juggle caring for an aging parent with work and caring for one’s own family, and caregivers can share tips that can help them to manage their many roles.

Support groups can be an invaluable resource to caregivers. If you feel a bit uncomfortable sharing your story in person, there are also online forums where you can communicate with other caregivers in similar situations, posting your concerns, frustrations and challenges for people to respond.

At the end of the day, remember to care for yourself. Whether with the help of a support group or a Scottsdale home caregiver, seeking assistance will enhance quality of life for you, as well as your aging loved one. Call Home Care Assistance at 480-448-6215 to schedule your complimentary no obligation consultation today and enjoy the break you need and deserve.


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