Parkinson’s Care: Finding Support for the Caregiver

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If you provide care for a family member with Parkinson’s disease, you do not have to embark on this journey alone. Along with Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale, there are many support options available to family caregivers. When you receive support from friends, family and those in your community, not only can you maintain your own health and wellness, you can ensure a high level of quality care for your parent or loved one.

Types of Support

Caregiving is a physical and emotional roller coaster. It is important for caregivers to acknowledge any emotions they may be feeling, whether positive or negative and to recognize their limitations. Overwhelmed caregivers may be in need of

Physical Support

For family caregivers, there often seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to manage care responsibilities. From running errands and driving to medical appointments to preparing meals and helping with personal care, a caregiver can easily become overwhelmed. If help is needed with activities of daily living, family caregivers should seek support from trained in-home Scottsdale caregivers who can assist with household chores, while also providing high-quality care and companionship to the senior,

Emotional Support

Aside from seeking the help of relatives and friends, support groups in the local community are a great place for asking questions, sharing stories, gaining advice and much more. Being able to share your experiences in a safe atmosphere with others in similar circumstances can be beneficial emotionally, and can help you become a better caregiver.For those who lack the time or may be timid to attend a support group, there are forums and national caregiver organizations online which can specifically address any concerns you may have. You can browse these websites whenever you have the time or on-the-go on your mobile phone or tablet. The following list can be a good starting point for a caregiver to receive the help they need:

  • National Family Caregivers Association
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
  • Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
  • Well Spouse Association
  • American Parkinson Disease Association

Financial Support

Holding a job is not an option for someone who is a full-time caregiver. Fortunately, there are many options for financial support through local financial assistance programs and charities. Some of the most notable are the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF) and the National Families Caregiver Support Program, which provide financial support for those caring for senior relatives aged 60 or older.

Medical Support

Along with being proactive in learning how to provide the best care for their loved one with Parkinson’s, it is essential that caregivers regularly communicate with medical professionals about their own health and wellness. Weight fluctuations, dramatic changes in mood, feelings of depression and isolation and extreme stress are just a few of the negative side effects often experienced by family caregivers. It is important that caregivers seek the medical attention they need if any of these feelings become extreme.

If you provide care for a loved one with Parkinson’s and need assistance managing their activities of daily living, personal care or other non-medical needs, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are a premier provider of in-home Parkinson’s care in Scottsdale and offer flexible hourly and live-in care schedules with no long-term contracts required. Request information or a free consultation today by calling a Care Manager at 480-448-6215.


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