Simple Ways Seniors Can Lower Their Cholesterol

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High levels of cholesterol can be very dangerous and pose many different health risks for seniors.  If you are a senior adult and have high cholesterol, you are more at risk for diabetes, heart disease and can even increase your risk for cancer.  By making small changes to your daily routine and eating habits, you can lower your cholesterol level while still enjoying your favorite foods.  All that is required is a positive attitude, willingness to make small changes, and commitment. Home Care Scottsdale offers several simple ways that can help seniors work towards lowering your cholesterol.

Increase your Physical Activity

Regular exercise decreases the “bad” cholesterol while also increasing the “good” cholesterol. If you devote 30 minutes each day to a moderate physical activity, you will find your cholesterol level decreasing in no time.  Senior friendly physical activities include walking around the neighborhood, light weight lifting, riding a stationary bicycle, swimming, and practicing yoga, an activity gaining popularity among seniors.

Eat more Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber reduces the absorption of “bad” cholesterol into your bloodstream. It also speeds up your digestive processes and helps your body get rid of waste more quickly.  Try to incorporate leafy vegetables, whole grains, flax seed and nuts into your meals.  If you need help with meal preparation or physical restriction has limited your ability to use certain appliances, seek assistance from a home caregiver in Scottsdale.  Professional caregivers are trained and are knowledgeable in how to create healthy, well balanced meals for seniors.

Eat foods rich in Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the absorption of “bad” cholesterol into your bloodstream, increase the “good” cholesterol, reduce your risk of cancer or heart disease, and fight inflammation in your body. There are many super foods that you can incorporate into your diet that are rich in omega-3, such as wild salmon and other seafood, kidney beans, walnuts, edamame, wild rice, and grass-fed meats.

If you have high cholesterol and need assistance maintaining your cholesterol levels, consider using a home care agency.  With home care, a caregiver comes directly to your home and can prepare nutritious meals, help with physical fitness exercises and offer emotional support for challenges you’ve begun to face as you age.  If a senior finds it is becoming difficult or impossible to perform certain tasks such as housekeeping, laundry or personal care, caregivers are happy to assist.  Caregiver help maximize comfort and safety for seniors, conveniently at the senior’s home.  If you would like to learn more about our Scottsdale hourly care or live in care options, call us at 480-499-4944 and speak with a Care Manager today.


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