Signs That Your Aging Parent Needs In-Home Care

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As your elderly parent grows older, it’s important to stay alert for possible signs that they might need the help of an in-home senior caregiver. Many elderly adults refrain from asking for help because they’re embarrassed or afraid that they’re losing their independence. However, Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale prides itself on encouraging independence among our aging clients while still being there to help when needed.

Many consider a decline in overall health to be one of the more obvious indicators that it’s time to get help for their parent, but it’s best to have a caregiver in place before your parent’s health concerns result in injury. This is why we suggest looking for early warning signs that an aging parent may need in-home care. Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining if Scottsdale Home Care is right for your aging loved one.

  • Have they stopped participating in community activities?
  • Have they experienced a dramatic change in mood?
  • Do they seem to be losing weight without trying?
  • Has your parent shown changes in hygiene habits?
  • Has their overall appearance changed without any rational explanation?
  • Do they have more scratches or bruises that could indicate a fall?
  • Are there any recent scratches or dents on their car? Have they been ticketed lately?

Other key indicators for whether a parent needs the assistance of a caregiver can be found in their home environment. Does the refrigerator contain a lot of expired food? Have they lowered their standards of housekeeping without a reason? Are they neglecting to pay their bills?

It is also important to draw a distinction between “forgetfulness” and “memory loss.” Many people are forgetful, but it is a clear warning sign if a parent forgets the names of lifelong friends, forgets how to get to their house, or forgets to care for a pet. These patterns could potentially point to dementia or Alzheimer’s.

In order to ensure quality of life and safety for your aging loved one, It’s important that you keep in touch with your aging parent on a regular basis to look out for these warning signs. While one of these red flags might not be reason enough to call for in-home care, a few of them within a few months most certainly is.

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