Seniors Need for Breast Cancer Awareness

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My mother had a scare with breast cancer about thirty years ago. A tiny pre-cancerous spot was discovered in a routine mammogram. It was easily removed and she was told to continue having regular mammograms. She was faithful in doing this for many years. Fast forward about 25 years. By this time my mother was about 75 years old and had not had a mammogram in over five years. Through a series of events, my elderly mother was directed to a new physician who studied Mom’s charts and was astonished that a mammogram had not be performed in so long a time. As one of my mom’s caregivers, I accompanied her to her mammogram. Within days she was diagnosed with breast cancer and surgery was scheduled to perform a lumpectomy. She was very frightened but was relieved that the cancer was caught before it had spread.

I was impressed with the kind and competent care she received from her doctor and the hospital staff. My sister and I became at-home caregivers to Mom when she came home and found it important to care not only for the surgical site but for her outlook as well. My mom was asked to participate in an experimental radiation treatment program. She was given a double dose of radiation, twice a day for a few weeks. Her outlook was amazing! She inspired me as she would lay perfectly still for her treatments and recite Emily Dickinson poetry to help pass the time. For me, she is the poster child for living life to its fullest and enjoying her time as a senior citizen. I will forever be grateful to the doctor who insisted that Mom, even as an elderly woman, have regular mammograms.

The cancer was detected early, Mom was cured and spent almost ten more years with us, fully engaged in life, enjoying her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and many friends.I am happy to be associated with a company that can provide the type of care that my sister and I were able to give to my mom. I had the luxury of living close by my mother and having a flexible schedule where I could take her to appointments and care for her. Many people don’t have this luxury. Home Care Scottsdale not only provides services where we take our clients to appointments, but we really care about the things our clients are going through. Our desire is for them to live a happy, balanced life and stay engaged in the joy of living.-Julie Holmgren-October 24, 2012


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