Hearing Loss Connected with Feelings of Isolation for Seniors

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A decline in hearing can make it difficult for seniors to communicate with others. While this is often frustrating and creates some level of annoyance for the senior and the person they are speaking with, did you know that senior hearing loss is closely connected to feelings of isolation? Studies show that because hearing loss impedes a senior’s ability to engage in conversation, many tend to withdraw from social situations, increasing feelings of loneliness and the risk for isolation, and in some cases, depression.

As a leading provider of Home Care Scottsdale we believe it is important for seniors and their families to be aware of the warning signs of hearing loss so the problem can be identified and treated early. If you notice that your aging loved one is constantly adjusting the volume on the television or they are frequently asking you to repeat tings, they may be suffering from a certain level of hearing loss. Failure to participate in family discussions may also indicate that your loved one is not sure what the discussion is about. Make note if they begin to answer questions inappropriately or out of context.

Some hearing loss is expected with the aging process; however once it begins to hinder your loved one’s emotional health and wellbeing, changes need to be made. Schedule an appointment for a hearing test with your loved one’s doctor. This can help accurately determine the severity of hearing loss and the doctor will be able to prescribe hearing devices such as hearing aids, and telephone and television adaptation systems that can help ensure that a senior’s quality of life is not compromised due to hearing difficulties.

By identifying and finding the proper course of treatment, you can rest assured that your loved one will not only be able to maintain their social lifestyle, they will be able to enjoy enhanced comfort and safety at home.

If your aging parent, grandparent or loved one suffers from hearing loss or another age-related condition that prevents them from completing daily tasks, contact Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale today. We are a leading in-home care provider, offering hourly and live-in care services. For seniors who have recently been diagnosed with an advanced condition, we also specialize in Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and stroke care in Scottsdale, AZ. To schedule your free, in-home consultation, call 480-448-6215 and speak with a devoted Care Manager.


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