Creative Salads for a Healthy Senior Diet

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Include Salads in Your Senior's Diet

For seniors who are looking for ways to eat well, salads are a great way to fill up on nutrient-rich vegetables. If your elderly loved one is tired of eating the same old salads every day, trying some new combinations of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and proteins can help shake up his or her diet. To give you a jump-start on preparing new salad recipes for your loved one, the Scottsdale Home Care experts at Home Care Assistance discuss four unique and creative salad ideas.

1. Asparagus with Hard-Boiled Eggs

This hardy salad is savory, filling, and perfect for seniors who are trying to cut down on their meat intake. Begin by sautéing asparagus spears in olive oil, then slicing them into bite-sized pieces, placing them on a bed of greens, and topping with a diced hard-boiled egg. This dish provides high-density lipoprotein, dietary fiber, and manganese, promoting healthy cholesterol levels, regular bowel movements, and overall bone health.

2. Three Bean Salad

Beans are rich in protein, antioxidants, and fiber, combining to promote high-energy levels, tissue health, strong immune systems, and digestive health. To incorporate in your loved one’s diet, have a family member or 24-hour Scottsdale caregiver combine kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and black beans in a large bowl, and then add chopped corn, onion, and cilantro as desired. For a bit of a kick, you may also consider adding in chopped red or green pepper.

3. Cabbage Chicken Salad

Cabbage is excellent for seniors who are going through radiation therapy or are at a higher risk of developing cancer. Like other cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts, cabbage is shown to keep the immune system in balance and reduce risk of certain types of cancer. For a tasty and filling salad, simply combine cabbage, cooked chicken, soy sauce, and crushed garlic in a large bowl.

4. Greek Yogurt and Fruit Salad

Greek yogurt helps fight high-sodium levels, which are often present in seniors with kidney problems, diabetes, and heart disease. For a refreshing summer salad, combine your loved one’s favorite berries with pitted grapes and sliced bananas and mix the fruit with flavored or unflavored Greek yogurt. Once combined, you may also consider adding dried fruit, nuts, or seeds for an extra, nutritious topping.

If you’re looking for ways to make sure your loved one is eating healthy, hiring a professional caregiver from Home Care Assistance may help. Expertly trained to assist seniors with grocery shopping, preparing meals, cooking, and following a healthy diet, an experienced caregiver may provide the assistance your loved one requires to get the nutrients he or she needs. To learn more about how our home care services, including Parkinson’s, dementia, and stroke care in Scottsdale, can benefit your loved one, reach out to a Care Manager at (480) 771-2710 and schedule a complimentary no-obligation consultation.


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