Navigating Exercise Roadblocks for Seniors

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Daily exercise is an essential component of a senior’s health care plan that can aid in the recovery from an illness or surgery while helping to promote better emotional health. However, many seniors suffer from conditions such as pain and joint stiffness that can make it challenging to stay motivated for working out. Do you or an aging loved one have trouble with exercising? Learn how Scottsdale home care promotes physical activity and total health, and check out our top tips for navigating common exercise roadblocks.

  • Use Modified Exercises – Many seniors once enjoyed exercise, but stop due to pain, immobility or a loss of balance. When these symptoms occur, a senior may be afraid of falling or pushing themselves too far. Modifying favorite exercises can prevent injuries while making a senior more comfortable about working out. For example, knee bends can be done while holding onto a sturdy tabletop. Alternatively, stretches can be done while sitting in a bed.
  • Make it Social – Boredom is another common excuse given by seniors who have lost their interest in exercise. Instead of letting boredom overcome motivation, consider a group class designed for seniors that can add a social element to an otherwise boring task. If a group class is not possible, a senior may also enjoy taking a walk with a loved one or a Home Care Assistance caregiver, whether it is around their home or outdoors.
  • Plan Several Mini-Workouts – Those who find that fatigue interferes with their exercise can benefit from breaking up their routine into several, smaller parts. This way, they can accomplish a few exercises in the morning and do some more once they regain their energy. Over time, the length of these mini-sessions can be extended depending upon how the senior feels each day.

Throughout a person’s life, staying motivated for exercise can be challenging. For seniors, these challenges can be compounded by health conditions that can make exercise painful or extremely tiring. Once a roadblock has been identified, simple strategies can be put in place, such as adding a social element, so that a senior can stay on track with their exercise regimen, while reaping the benefits of daily physical activity.

Do you or an aging loved one need assistance in creating and executing an exercise plan? Click here to learn about our flexible hourly care plans for seniors in Scottsdale or contact a Care Manager directly by dialing 480-448-6215 and schedule a complimentary, no-risk consultation.


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