How to Handle Guilt When Caring for an Elderly Loved One

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Dealing with Caregivers Guilt in Scottsdale, AZ

Caregiver guilt arises from many different sources, but it all adds up to additional stress when you are providing Scottsdale Home Care for an elderly loved one. Use these strategies to manage your guilt before it interferes with your wellbeing.

Accept What You Feel

It is normal to feel caregiver guilt, and trying to deny your true feelings will only contribute to more stress. In most instances, caregiver guilt is due to role conflicts that leave you questioning every decision. Acknowledging your negative emotions can help you find ways to begin moving forward with a plan to relieve your guilt.

Change Your Focus

Another cause of caregiver guilt is worrying you are not spending enough time with your loved one. However, your loved one likely cares more about the quality of the time you spend together rather than how many hours you visit a week. Instead of focusing on the time involved, shift your direction to planning enjoyable activities together that strengthen your bond.

Get a Handle on Your Past

It can be difficult to be a Scottsdale home caregiver when you have lingering resentments due to past experiences with your loved one. For example, you may find yourself treating your parent harshly when you feel as though he or she did not give you the childhood you deserved. When these emotions contribute to your guilt, talking to a professional can help you heal from your past experiences.

Delegate Responsibilities

At times, your loved one may have more requests than you can handle. Not being able to meet all of his or her needs can also contribute to caregiver guilt. Be willing to ask others to help you with parts of your loved one’s routine, such as getting dressed or preparing meals, so you can prevent being overwhelmed by how many things need to be done each day. You can also hire Scottsdale respite home care to give yourself time for a break from your duties.

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