5 Manageable Goals the Elderly Can Work Toward

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Ways for the Elderly To Reach a Goal in Scottsdale, AZ

Aging doesn’t mean a person has already reached his or her full potential. Instead, seniors can continue to achieve personal growth by setting goals that can help them progress toward a healthier lifestyle, and these goals don’t need to be difficult to attain. The staff at Scottsdale Home Care Assistance discusses 5 manageable goals your elderly loved one can set and work toward achieving.

1. Eat a Superfood Every Day

From salmon to blueberries and kale to quinoa, the list of superfoods is long enough that your loved one can enjoy a greater variety of foods while enhancing his or her health. Consider purchasing a superfood cookbook or scheduling professional meal preparation services from a respite or 24-hour caregiver in Scottsdale to help make this goal even easier for your loved one. Seniors who take on this goal may begin to look forward to their meals once again, and their health can receive a significant boost from the extra antioxidants and vitamins found in superfoods.

2. Contact Friends and Family Members Often

Isolation is a serious concern for seniors, especially those who live alone. However, your loved one has many tools at his or her disposal to increase socialization. Your loved one should aim to sit down for lunch with a friend or family member at least once a week, and make it a point to have at least one social contact each day, whether it is through phone, mail, email, or social media.

3. Attend Community Events

Seniors thrive when they get out into the community. Whether this means taking a stroll with a caregiver around the town square or a trip to the local theater, your loved one should strive to spend time away from home. Seniors with health conditions that make getting out of the house more challenging can still enjoy the same benefits from a walk around the yard or a visit to a neighbor’s house.

4. Schedule and Attend Checkups

Some seniors forget to go to their regular checkups, but they can work with their Scottsdale, AZ, caregivers to create a calendar of dental, vision, and medical checkups and screenings that need to be attended. These critical appointments should be scheduled far in advance and added to the calendar so your loved one never misses them.

5. Practice Balance Exercises

Falling is the leading cause of injury in seniors, but increasing your loved one’s balance can prevent many fall-related injuries. To build better balance skills, your loved one can learn different exercises like standing leg raises. In this exercise, your loved one can use a partner or chair for support while he or she lifts one leg at a time. Doing these exercises daily can increase your loved one’s balance and reduce the risk of falling.

Healthy goals don’t always require major lifestyle changes. However, every positive change your loved one makes, no matter how great or small, can help boost his or her overall wellbeing. If your loved one needs help maintaining healthy habits, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our dedicated caregivers can assist with exercise, prepare nutritious meals, provide transportation and social stimulation, and help with a wide array of important everyday tasks. For more information on the Home Care Scottsdale, families trust, call (480) 771-2710 today.


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