What Are the Symptoms of Lung Cancer?

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Noticing the Symptoms of Lung Cancer in Scottsdale, AZ

When providing at-home care Scottsdale seniors can rely on, it is important to watch for a variety of health complications that may develop, including lung cancer. An early diagnosis of lung cancer can lead to a better prognosis for your senior loved one, which is why you should be aware of some common symptoms of this condition.

Aching in the Shoulders, Chest, or Arms

Any chronic pain in your loved one’s shoulders, chest, or arms may be a cause for concern. Even if this discomfort is not the result of a tumor, it could indicate other problems with the heart or lungs. Seniors often describe this type of discomfort as a dull ache similar to a strained muscle. 

Repeated Respiratory Infections

Respiratory infections are especially dangerous for seniors with weakened immune systems. Cancerous cells can quickly damage lung tissue and increase your loved one’s risk of contracting these infections.

An Abnormal Decline in Health

If you or a Scottsdale caregiver notices your loved one experiencing any unusual health symptoms, you should immediately schedule an appointment with his or her primary doctor. Some of the symptoms your loved one should keep an eye out for include chronic fatigue, unexplained weight loss, and a loss of appetite.

Chronic Coughing

Many people dismiss their coughing because they believe it results from a minor infection, a change in the weather, or allergies. A cough lasting for more than three weeks, however, may be a sign your loved one’s lungs are damaged or there is a buildup of fluid within them. 

Shortness of Breath

Some seniors blame their shortness of breath on their age or being out of shape, but this is not always the case. If your loved one becomes winded after climbing some stairs or walking across a parking lot, he or she should be screened for lung cancer because the breathing complication may be related to damaged lung tissue.

Reducing your loved one’s risk of lung cancer and preventing other health complications can be made easier with a little outside assistance. If you are looking for solutions to help your loved one maintain his or her general health, consider hiring an hourly or live-in caregiver in Scottsdale. At Home Care Assistance, our caregivers can provide medication reminders and transportation to and from medical appointments, as well as assist with a wide variety of tasks around the house. To schedule a free consultation, call (480) 771-2710 today. Our experienced Care Managers are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about our senior care services.


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