Living the Balanced Life

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The Balanced Care Method™

Around the world people are living life. Scottsdale Senior Care states that when life in one of those places extends beyond the norms of longevity we like to know why. The elderly of Okinawa, Japan are one of those people who exceed the norms. They not only live longer – many live well past 100 and it’s not usual for people here to enjoy health and independence well past their 70s or 80s – but they are also active and healthy. Scientists wanted to know why. What they discovered was that moderation and variety are highly influential. They also discovered that only one-third of what happens to us when we age has to do with heredity, the other two-thirds is influenced by factors completely within our control. Based on these results, Scottsdale Home Care Assistance created their trademarked Balanced Care Method™ for caring for clients. This unique care method unites diet, physical activity, mental stimulation, sociality, calmness, and defined purpose to help clients realize the best health possible and satisfaction of longevity.

At Home Care Assistance, each caregiver is specifically trained in implementing The Balanced Care Method™ in caring for our clients. This is only one of many things that makes our company different from its competitors.


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