Keys to Successful Senior Retirement

The most important requirement for a successful retirement is planning.  For individuals approaching retirement, there are a variety of considerations that must be addressed from personal finances to long-term living arrangements.  Home Care Assistance, a Scottsdale home care provider, offers a few key items that seniors should keep in mind when planning for their retirement.   

Finances.  During our youth, it is hard to imagine being old enough to retire.  However, it is important to begin saving money toward retirement as early as possible.  Individuals who live within a budget and contribute as much as they can to a retirement plan, help guarantee a happy and comfortable retirement.  Furthermore, these funds can be used in case of emergency if you experience health problems or need to be hospitalized unexpectedly. If possible, consult a financial planner for advice.  

Physical Health.  A healthy lifestyle leading up to retirement increases your chances of avoiding many chronic illnesses and diseases.  Even if you start late in life, changing unhealthy habits will help improve your longevity and quality of life.  Some popular senior activities that can help elderly individuals maintain an active lifestyle include short daily walks, yoga, and water aerobics.  Furthermore, seniors should also plan for “the worst case scenario.”  This involves what they will do if their health declines and they require professional assistance from a Scottsdale in-home care provider or from an assisted living facility. 

Mental and Emotional Well-Being.  Seniors who view retirement as a new, exciting stage of life, rather than the end of something will be benefit from positive mental and emotional wellbeing.  Furthermore, those who remain socially active and engaged during their elder years are more likely to experience positive health benefits including increased mental function and increased overall happiness.  Participating in local community groups or classes is a great way to stay engaged during retirement.  For individuals who are retired and are unable to drive, there are many alternatives such as Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale, which provides hourly care in Scottsdale as well as transportation for errands, medical appointments and personal events. 

For retired adults who are looking for companionship or assistance with their daily activities, home care provided by Home Care Assistance is the ideal option.  Our Caregivers are experts in home care and help with cooking, cleaning, laundry and personal care.  Accompaniment to medical appointments or for errands is also available.  To see how our services can assist you during your retirement, visit our website at