Keeping Elderly Adults Safe with Scottsdale In Home Care

Older individuals become more vulnerable to accidents around the house as their reflexes, coordination, strength and balance begin to deteriorate.  As these debilitating events occur, Scottsdale in home care recommends creating a safe home environment to assist in preventing unfortunate accidents. 

Here are some of the ways you can keep your elderly loved ones safe at home:

A Safer Shower
A standard shower can be hazardous in general, but is especially risky for the elderly. For this reason, many experts recommend installing a slip-resistant shower that is easy to enter and exit. These showers typically feature seats and extra-sturdy handle bars for added safety.

If your elderly parent has trouble walking steadily or suffers from problems with their lower joints, you may want to consider purchasing a walker. Walkers offer something stable and reliable to lean on, preventing accidental falls, trips and slips. They can also improve quality of life through improved mobility.

Emergency Access
If your elderly parent lives alone, their ability to contact help in case of an emergency is vital. For example, if an accident occurs and they are unable to reach a phone, they may be helpless for hours or possibly days.  Consider getting your parents set up with an emergency call system or a cellular phone they can keep on them. Cellular phones are often less expensive and many are designed to meet the needs of the elderly featuring emergency buttons.

Avoid the Stairs
Elderly people who are in poor health or suffer from poor joints may have difficulty using the stairs. Climbing the stairs may increase the risk of injury and be considered a dangerous task. In replace of the stairs, the installation of a stair-lift may offer a solution.  These mechanical devices can allow an individual who has difficulty walking up or down stairs to ride safely to the next floor.

In addition to these preventative measures, home care Scottsdale offers a variety of senior services including live-in caregivers, allowing seniors to safely remain in their own homes.  Contact a Care Manager today to begin discussing plans that can help improve your loved one’s quality of life.