Making Sound Decisions as a Caregiver

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How to Make Sound Decisions as a Caregiver in Scottsdale, AZ

Caregiving may feel like venturing into uncharted territory since no two seniors have the same care needs. This means you must sometimes make decisions without fully being certain they are the right ones. While being responsible for your senior loved one’s care can be stressful, these tips can help you make sound decisions that are beneficial for everyone involved.

Take Your Time

When faced with a big decision regarding your loved one’s health, it may feel like you are pressured to come up with a solution right away. However, barring a medical emergency, you normally have some time to decide. Taking some time to contemplate your options can help you relax and avoid making a decision based on your first reaction to a stressful event.

Seek a Medical Opinion

As a family caregiver in Scottsdale, you may be thrust into situations you don’t know how to handle. For example, you may be unsure of whether or not your loved one with Alzheimer’s can live independently, or you may be wondering how much your loved one can manage a daily routine after developing a serious illness. Speaking to your loved one’s nurse or doctor can provide valuable information about the abilities of a person with your loved one’s health condition.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

Getting out a pad of paper and pen and writing can help rid the worst thoughts from your mind. Create a classic T-chart and make a list of the potential benefits and drawbacks of your decisions. As you do so, think about whether or not any of the drawbacks would be permanent. For example, hiring a caregiver might temporarily make your loved one uncomfortable, but over time he or she could adjust and even enjoy the visits.

Consult with Family

If you are fortunate to have others assisting with your loved one’s Scottsdale home care, their opinions can be valuable. Hold a meeting to explain the current situation you are facing, and ask your family members for feedback on how they would handle it. When you know other people agree with your decision, it can give you reassurance.

Review the Effects

After you have made a decision about your loved one’s care, it is always best to look back and review how well it has worked. For example, if you were nervous about hiring a Scottsdale hourly caregiver, you may feel better when you see your loved one is thriving as a result. Over time, seeing how your decisions worked out can help you be more confident about making them in the future.

At Home Care Assistance, we can help you make informed choices to ensure your loved one leads a safe, happy, and healthy life. We offer flexible part-time and live-in care, there are no hidden fees in our contracts, and our care plans can be customized to meet your loved one’s individual needs. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, call one of our experienced Care Managers at (480) 771-2710.


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