5 Ways Aging Adults Can Make New Friends and Acquaintances

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Socializing Tips for Seniors in Scottsdale, AZ

Experts in Home Care Scottsdale often emphasize the importance of socialization for seniors. Being socially active can have several benefits on the physical and mental health of aging adults because it prevents isolation and depression. Here are a few ways you can help your senior loved one become social, meet new people, and make new friends.

1. Create a Social Media Profile

Many seniors believe they do not have much in common with the new generation that is active on social media. However, there are several seniors on popular social networks who may instantly connect with your loved one. You can create a social media profile for your loved one and help him or her connect with old friends and other like-minded people. Your loved one can also communicate with new friends via video chat or schedule an outing at a local restaurant, library, or museum. 

2. Sign Up for a Class

Joining a senior-friendly class is one of the best ways for your loved one to go out, meet new friends, and keep his or her mind active. You don’t need to sign your loved one up for a college course because a pottery, bowling, or computer class could also create the opportunity for building a new friendship.

3. Volunteer

Some seniors avoid meeting new people because they believe no one shares the same goals, beliefs, or interests. Encourage your loved one to volunteer at a local organization or support a cause he or she believes in because these are good places to find people with similar interests. Together, your loved one and his or her new friends can stand up for a cause they love and build great friendships in the process. 

4. Join an Exercise Group

There are various exercising groups your senior loved one can join within the community. These groups are not only designed to help seniors stay physically fit and healthy, but they are also a great way to make new friends. Being embarrassed about weight is one of the main reasons why seniors isolate themselves. By taking an exercise class, your loved one can be surrounded by other seniors who want to lose weight and have some fun at the same time. 

5. Work at Community Centers

Some seniors don’t go to community centers because they believe the activities they offer are for children. However, these centers actually offer many fun, senior-friendly activities your loved one might enjoy, including read-ins, movie marathons, game nights, and dances. Encourage your senior loved one to attend events at the local community center because there will likely be other seniors there looking to make new friends.

In addition to encouraging your loved one to participate in these activities, in-home caregivers can also offer social assistance because they are good listeners and motivators. For professional live-in, hourly, Alzheimer’s, and in-home dementia care in Scottsdale, contact Home Care Assistance today at (480) 771-2710. One of our friendly Care Managers can help you customize a care plan to meet your loved one’s needs.


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