Get Educated About Dementia Care

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Mind Over Gray Matter: A New Approach to Dementia Care (now available on

is the fifth book in Home Care Assistant’s wellness series for seniors. At some time or another, dementia will affect all of us – personally, a parent, a beloved spouse, or a dear friend. When you look at a group of individuals who are over age 85, you will find that nearly half of them are suffering from dementia in varying degrees. That’s a scary thought! The affects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia have no boundaries … all races and countries are seeing their people affected.


As this becomes one of the most significant health challenges globally, it is more and more important to be educated, and stay educated, about dementia. Mind Over Gray Matter is a great educational resource, provides tips for dealing with the disease, as well as techniques for slowing the progression of dementia. The book provides needed support for families to provide a safe and comfortable home environment for loved ones afflicted with dementia.



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