Protect Your Parents against Financial Elder Abuse

Every year more than 500,000 cases of elder abuse are reported.  While elder abuse can range from physical abuse to emotional abuse, one of the most common forms is financial abuse.  Financial elder abuse or exploitation involves the improper use of a senior’s money, property or other assets.  This type of abuse can include forging checks, stealing money, or the improper management of a senior’s financial affairs.  Home Care Assistance, a Scottsdale home care provider offers information about financial elder abuse and how you can detect and protect your elderly parents and loved ones from becoming victims.

Common Targets of Financial Elder Abuse
Seniors often become targets as they age and begin to experience physical limitations such as a decline in vision or hearing.  Seniors who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s are also common targets for financial elder abuse because they lack the ability to reason or think clearly.  If your parent or loved one requires monitoring or specialty Alzheimer’s care in Scottsdale, hiring a home care Scottsdale agency may be a great way to keep them safe.

Who Commits Financial Elder Abuse?
Unfortunately, abusers are typically individuals that the senior trusts including friends and personal acquaintances, family members and even spouses.  Some of the most common abusers are professionals in positions of trust as well as opportunistic strangers who prey on vulnerable seniors through telemarketing or door to door sales scams.

Warning Signs of Financial Elder Abuse
If your elderly parent or loved one is making unusual bank withdrawals, is adding additional people to bank accounts, or is making sudden changes in their wills and trusts, they may be the victim of financial elder abuse. 

Ways to Protect Your Parents and Elderly Loved Ones
One way to help protect your parents from financial elder abuse is to have them include you in their financial dealings.  By being involved in your parent’s banking and financial affairs, you can make sure their savings are protected.  You can also help protect your loved one by hiring a professional in-home caregiver.  They will be able to monitor your loved one and help with tasks such as sorting the mail, online shopping or speaking with telemarketers or salesmen.  The assistance of Scottsdale elder care givers can help protect secure information such as credit card and social security information.

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