How to Deal with a Devastating Diagnosis

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Every year, millions of patients across the United States receive a hard to handle prognosis from their physician. While it can be an emotionally-charged event, it’s important to remember that a difficult diagnosis does not mean the end of quality of life. The following guide from Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale, a trusted provider of specialty senior care, provides effective tips on how to deal with a devastating diagnosis.

Modern Medical Technology

It’s important to remember that medicine has progressed significantly over the past years. One such advancement is the science-based Cognitive Therapeutics Method from Home Care Assistance. This exclusive program is designed to maintain cognitive health for longer and enhance mental acuity by encouraging aging adults to engage in fun games and one-on-one socialization with an experienced and trained Scottsdale caregiver.
Another example of how far medical technology has come is the advancement in new age cancer care. In the past, cancer treatment often involved surgical removal of cancerous tissue or harsh chemotherapy drugs that caused cellular damage to the body. However, through technologies like targeted chemotherapy and laser ablation, many types of cancer can be effectively treated without significantly impacting an individual’s quality of life.

Affordable Care

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many insurance companies now offer therapy for patients with a difficult diagnosis. A therapist, whether it be in person or on the phone, may be able to help you talk through some of the difficult issues associated with a devastating diagnosis. Many have also found solace in related to likeminded individuals via online or in-person support groups.

Specialized In-Home Care

Another way to cope with a specific diagnosis is by hiring specific in-home care for your aging loved one’s particular disease. Scottsdale Home Care Assistance has hourly and 24/7 caregivers who are experience in helping seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, cancer and stroke. No matter their condition, our compassionate and highly skilled live-in caregivers in Scottsdale are dedicated to maintaining their quality of life while promoting healthy independence and dignity.

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