Custodial Care vs. Skilled Senior Care in Scottsdale

The terms skilled care and custodial care are commonly used in cases when an elderly adult can no longer perform daily activities independently.  The major distinction between skilled care and custodial care is the individual who is providing the care and the type of service they are providing. Skilled care refers to care administered by a medical specialist, while custodial care refers to assistance provided by aides, volunteers, family or friends.  While the distinction may seem clear, the type of Scottsdale senior care you choose will largely depend on the needs of the care recipient.

If your loved one needs help with non-medical daily activities such as helping with household chores, maintaining hygiene and providing transportation, custodial care is the appropriate choice. On the other hand, medical activities such as the monitoring of vital signs, ordering medical tests and dispensing medicine are often associated only with skilled care.  While these activities do frequently correspond with their respective care type, it is the person delivering the care that defines if it is custodial versus skilled.

Many families are concerned with the cost of each care type and whether or not insurance such Medicare or Medicaid will cover the expenses.  A common misconception is skilled services will be covered and custodial services will not.  While this is a general trend, custodial services are many times included in a skilled care plan and can therefore be covered.  Your loved one can acquire the maximum benefits of their healthcare policy through detailed research and understanding of the plans available.

A final point of confusion is that an individual can only receive one type of care at a time.  However, it is common for an overlap in the types of care to occur.  For instance, a skilled caregiver assigned to provide medical services can also provide services normally thought to be reserved for custodial caregivers, such as assistance with daily living.  There are also some cases where a skilled medical care plan calls for the need of a loved one or family member to help carry out specified steps within the plan.  These plans require routine care and can be time consuming and overwhelming.  For those who are seeking assistance for your loved one, Home Care in Scottsdale can provide the custodial care necessary or services in conjunction with a skilled care plan.

It is extremely important to become aware of the options and plans available for your loved one.  By understanding the difference between custodial and skilled care, you can confidently make a decision concerning the care needs of your loved one.