Understanding Color Therapy & How Helps Elderly

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Senior Adults Benefit from Color Therapy

Part of our responsibility as a leading provider of home care Scottsdale is to offer family caregivers and adult children of aging parents as much helpful information as possible and let you decide if and how it can help your senior loved one. In this blog, we want to briefly discuss chromotherapy, also known as color therapy. Chromotherapy isn’t a new idea in holistic medicine, however, plenty of people have never heard of it. To put it simply, color therapy revolves around the idea that color can be used to help balance a person physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Although there isn’t much scientific research, color therapy might be beneficial to seniors, especially those living alone.

What Colors Mean

  • Blue is a relaxing and calming color. Some research suggests using blue might help lower blood pressure, and color therapists believe blue can lead to better sleep.
  • Green is another soothing color that works well in combination with blue. Green is often associated with the natural world and promotes balance within. This color supposedly helps calm the nervous system and lower blood pressure.
  • Red and orange stimulate the mind and provide and energy boost. Red is also associated with strength and willpower. Color therapists recommend this color to help with poor appetite, anemia, and fatigue.
  • White is also calming, and believed to be purifying and cleansing as well.
  • Yellow can help with concentration, the digestive system, and promotes a more joyful outlook.

How Seniors Can Use Color at Home

  • If your senior loved one complains of restless sleep at night, consider changing the colors of their bedroom walls and bedding. Blue, green, and white might help them fall asleep easier and sleep better.
  • Some seniors experience a decrease in appetite. If that’s the case for your loved one, add splashes of orange and red around the kitchen with dishcloths, a vase and flowers, plates, or even a new table cloth or placemats.
  • A light green with pops of soft yellow is a great combination for common living spaces. The green will help your loved one feel at ease, while the yellow is a nice touch if he or she often reads, does puzzles, or works on crosswords in the space.

Color therapy is safe for people of all ages to try, and until you try it, you won’t know how something as simple as color can have such a drastic effect on the mood of a person. For more ways to maintain your senior loved one’s quality of life, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale. We offer live-in and hourly care, as well as specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s care in Scottsdale. Call us at (480) 448-6215 to speak with a trusted Care Manager who can schedule your no-obligation in-home consultation.


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