Memory Activity for Senior Citizens

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Home Care Assistance is CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD AGES! Our senior care givers not only focus on the physical well being of their clients, but they also care for the mental and social aspects of life. One of our at home caregivers recently delighted in learning more about a client’s past. The caregiver was amazed to learn about this senior’s great determination to learn, her past contributions to the community, and of her husband’s courage as a war veteran. The client was happy to share a vibrant part of her life with an appreciative listener.

Want to have an interesting experience reliving the past? Explore the digital images of the 1940 United States Federal Census. Help one of your senior friends find themselves in census images available on,, National Archives, ProQuest, and has an easy search window that will help you find the person you are looking for.

An employee at Home Care Assistance Scottsdale recently had a great experience with the 1940 Census. She found the name of her 85-year-old friend Norma in an image from the census. She then shared the census image with Norma. Norma was a teenager living in a small Western town in 1940. As Norma read the names on the census page it was as if she were transported back in time and she shared memories that she hadn’t thought about for years and years. One significant memory involved her father. Norma told of her father’s strong influence in the little community in developing a water system. Prior to this time there had been no running water in any of the homes. Her father was instrumental in implementing a sewer system in the community and was later elected Mayor of the community.

Why not take a few minutes and help your senior friends take a walk down memory lane? 1940 would be a nice place to start!


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