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By Ted Holmgren, 10:29 pm on July 7, 2012

Here are four helpful tips for staying a little more cool as the summer temperatures rise. (1) Drink water to keep yourself safe from heat related problems of exhaustion and fatigue. (2) Make sure the water is not too hot and not too cold as either will cause your body to have to work extra hard to process. Optimum temperature is slightly cool or room temperature. (3) Pay attention that your body is actually sweating if you are outside – that’s a good sign that things are working properly. If you find you have stopped sweating that could be a sign of heat exhaustion and it’s time to get in the shade and sip some water. (4) Dress appropriately for the warm weather. A lightweight, airy, brightly colored outfit (to reflect…

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By Ted Holmgren, 10:18 pm on June 30, 2012

Heath difficulties can cause many to believe that “home” needs to be redefined. There really is “no place like home” and here are three important reasons why seniors really want to remain at home. (1) It is a place of comfort and familiarity. The chair feels right, the television is in just the right place, the breakfast table is the perfect place for perusing the morning paper. A routine has been set there – and it feels good. (2) It is a place filled with memories – Christmas gatherings, Sunday dinners, card games with friends, movie nights with the grandkids. (3) It represents continuing independence. Scottsdale Home Care Assistance supports the idea that the best place to age is at home. We provide competent, well-trained caregivers who can assist clients…

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By Ted Holmgren, 11:08 pm on June 22, 2012

Home Care Assistance is CHANGING THE WAY THE WORLD AGES! Our senior care givers not only focus on the physical well being of their clients, but they also care for the mental and social aspects of life. One of our at home caregivers recently delighted in learning more about a client’s past. The caregiver was amazed to learn about this senior’s great determination to learn, her past contributions to the community, and of her husband’s courage as a war veteran. The client was happy to share a vibrant part of her life with an appreciative listener. Want to have an interesting experience reliving the past? Explore the digital images of the 1940 United States Federal Census. Help one of your senior friends find themselves in census images available on,, National…

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By Ted Holmgren, 9:10 pm on June 6, 2012

The Balanced Care Method™ Around the world people are living life. Scottsdale Senior Care states that when life in one of those places extends beyond the norms of longevity we like to know why. The elderly of Okinawa, Japan are one of those people who exceed the norms. They not only live longer – many live well past 100 and it’s not usual for people here to enjoy health and independence well past their 70s or 80s – but they are also active and healthy. Scientists wanted to know why. What they discovered was that moderation and variety are highly influential. They also discovered that only one-third of what happens to us when we age has to do with heredity, the other two-thirds is influenced by factors completely within our control….

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By Ted Holmgren, 9:53 pm on June 5, 2012

Scottsdale Home Care states that when a senior parent is reluctant to receive care, there are a number of strategies that can be deployed to help improve their situation. 1. Start the Discussion Early Begin discussions about how things should be handled early when the parent is still able to live independently. Having a strategy beforehand will make the discussion with them easier later. 2. Be Patient Receiving care is a major life change, so it is always best that children and other family members remember to be patient. Compassion and patience will make things easier for everyone involved. 3. Get to the Root of the Issue If a parent is reluctant to get additional help, there must be specific reasons why this is the case. Understanding the specific reasons…

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