5 Advantages of Using a Vision Board in the Senior Years

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Vision Boards for Elders in Scottsdale, AZ

Goal setting is important at every age. A vision board represents goals visually through images and words and can be an effective tool to set goals. Encourage your loved one to set goals and create a vision board. Scottsdale Home Care experts discuss 5 benefits of creating a vision board for a loved one who wishes to make his or her dreams come true.

1. Define Goals and Aspirations

It is common for seniors to lose sight of their self-identity after retirement. Your loved one can combat this concern with a vision board. As your loved one selects things to put on the vision board, he or she can redefine former goals while creating new ones. It may be easier for your loved one to use a visual image rather than trying to write it all down in words.

2. Stay Motivated for Meeting Goals

Over time, it can be easy for a senior to lose motivation for achieving a goal, and it can be especially challenging to keep long-term goals. However, placing a vision board in a prominent location can make it easier to stay motivated for achieving goals such as staying on track with a healthy diet.

3. Track Progress

Written goals may get lost, but vision boards are a constant visual reminder of the goals your loved one wants to accomplish. Changing the vision board to remove goals that have been accomplished and reflect new ones is a great way for your loved one to track progress. Each time your loved one makes progress, he or she will likely be more motivated to continue striving for other goals.

4. Share Goals with Others

Seniors are not always able to vocalize what they want to achieve. A vision board serves as a visual message to family members and Scottsdale caregivers of the things seniors hold dear. When your loved one’s vision board depicts a goal he or she prizes, such as social contact with family and friends or the dream of visiting a grandchild, it allows others to help him or her make the goals come true.

5. Enjoy a Sense of Accomplishment

Looking back on accomplishment fills seniors with pride. A vision board also allows your loved one to see where he or she started and how far he or she has come. As your loved one creates new items to place on the board, he or she can begin to experience a renewed positive outlook regarding his or her abilities.

Setting goals and working to accomplish them can help boost your loved one’s overall wellbeing. If your loved one needs motivation to stay on track for goals and to maintain healthy habits, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our dedicated caregivers can assist your loved one with exercise, prepare wholesome meals, provide transportation and social stimulation, and help with a wide array of everyday tasks. We provide live-in and respite care Scottsdale seniors can count on. For more information on our elder care services, call (480) 771-2710 to speak with a Care Manager.


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