Mobility Aids for Getting In and Out of Bed

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When muscles and bones are young, moving around is easy and unrestricted. As adults age, daily activities and simple things like getting in and out of bed can become more difficult. Despite these challenges, there are several mobility aids that can make getting up in the morning a bit easier for seniors.

Bed Rails and Grab Handles

Bed rails make it easier for the elderly to feel supported when getting in and out of bed. The rails usually slide under the mattress and over the box spring, with the person’s body weight keeping it in place. It’s also useful for repositioning or turning over during the night, and to prevent falls from bed. Grab handles have a different shape, but are used in a similar way to maintain balance when getting out of bed.

Bed Caddies 

When sitting up in bed is a challenge, a bed caddie can help to pull the upper part of the body up from the mattress. Useful after surgery for post hospital home care in Scottsdale, or for people with back conditions, the caddie comes in the form of a strap that is attached to the bed frame and divided into three grab areas. It allows a person to pull themselves up gradually, until upright.

Leg Lifts

Sometimes a person just needs a little help lifting their legs in and out of bed. This can be accomplished more easily when the individual uses a leg lift. This long strap is made from a strong webbed material with a loop at one end. With some easy maneuvering, the user places their foot into the loop, holds the end of the strap, and can lift the leg manually without bending over.

Mobility aids can be inexpensive and can go a long way in helping a senior maintain their independence and promote a feeling of being in control. If you provide care for an aging parent or loved one that has trouble getting in and out of bed, these can help you with safe transferring practices, ensuring the overall safety and security of your aging loved one.

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