7 Strategies to Help a Senior Who Refuses Care

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Scottsdale Home Care states that when a senior parent is reluctant to receive care, there are a number of strategies that can be deployed to help improve their situation.

1. Start the Discussion Early

Begin discussions about how things should be handled early when the parent is still able to live independently. Having a strategy beforehand will make the discussion with them easier later.

2. Be Patient

Receiving care is a major life change, so it is always best that children and other family members remember to be patient. Compassion and patience will make things easier for everyone involved.

3. Get to the Root of the Issue

If a parent is reluctant to get additional help, there must be specific reasons why this is the case. Understanding the specific reasons will help family members to address the problem.

4. Offer Options

When a person is presented with options, they feel as if they have control in the matter. Having them involved in the decision gives them more stake in the whole process.

5. Bring in Outsiders Early

Introduce caregivers and other outsiders at an early stage. Getting this familiarity established is essential to a smooth transition.

6. Prioritize Problems

Depending on the reluctance of the parent, there may be specific health or safety concerns that are more important than other issues. By prioritizing the different problems, the caregiver is better able to focus on what is important.

7. Use Indirect Approaches

Finally, in some circumstances it is best to give out less or indirect information about the specifics of the care. The information that the care recipient needs to know is that they are being helped. Discussing all specifics of the care may be a bit overwhelming.

For all parties involved, this can be a trying time. With a few simple techniques and a professional in home caregiver to assist, it should be a smoother transition for the senior.  Call 480-499-4944 now for a free in home consultation and quality senior care for your loved one.


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