6th Annual Convention in Chicago, IL

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Home Care Assistance Holds 6th Annual Convention in Chicago, IL

Home Care Assistance recently held its 6th Annual Convention in Chicago, IL. Franchise owners from across the United States and Canada attended. Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale owners, Ted Holmgren and Randall Holmgren participated in  the convention and are pleased to shared two exciting senior care developments with clients and colleagues in the Scottsdale area.

First, Home Care Assistance’s senior care experts Dr. Kathy N. Johnson, Dr. James H. Johnson and Lily Sarafan introduced their latest book, The Senior Sleep Solution: A Guide to Improving Sleep in Later Life. It is the seventh book in the Home Care Assistance senior wellness book series, praised by industry experts as a valuable resource that helps individuals navigate the challenges of aging, caregiving and personal health. The Senior Sleep Solution explores the common causes of chronic sleep disturbance and provides practical guidance for seniors and caregivers alike on improving sleep quality and reducing sleep disruptions. Strategies presented in the book are based on well-researched and easily applied methods and include specific steps for seniors with dementia and various sleep disorders. Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale owner and operator Ted Holmgren said, “We recognize that sleep can be an enormous problem for many seniors and are very hopeful that The Senior Sleep Solution will provide solutions and relief for those who suffer with sleep disorders.” The Senior Sleep Solution will soon be available for purchase on Amazon, or contact Ted Holmgren for a complimentary copy.

Second, convention attendees were introduced to Dementia Therapeutics, Home Care Assistance’s groundbreaking new cognitive intervention program. The program is one of the first programs of its kind in dementia care. Dementia Therapeutics is a new activity-based intervention program developed for older adults with mild cognitive impairment, as well as those with moderate to severe dementia. The program presently consists of more than 300 activities targeting various cognitive and non-cognitive domains. Activities are based on scientific research and are consistent with the landmark National Institutes of Health 2010 report, which suggested that cognitive stimulation is associated with slower cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia Therapeutics is not a quick “cure” for dementia, but the program strives to provide interventions which will delay dementia progress and improve quality of life. Randall Holmgren, co-owner of Home Care Assistance of Scottsdale, said, “Dementia Therapeutics is tailored specifically for each individual. After an extensive evaluation, an intervention plan is created that would be most effective for clients with memory care needs. We are pleased to be able to offer this unique type of dementia therapy to our clients, and recognize the additional value of dementia care at home.”

For more information about Home Care Assistance, The Senior Sleep Solution or Dementia Therapeutics, please visit www.homecareassistance.com or call 480-499-4944.


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