5 Secrets to Healthy Senior Living

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As we age, our capabilities and strengths tend to decline. While this decline in ability is natural to the human body, there are ways to shorten the amount of bodily ability lost with age. At Scottsdale Home Care, we believe that healthy aging and wellbeing is capable with 5 simple and easy tips.

1. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet

As with everything in life, one needs moderation and variation. A healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains is a crucial component of healthy aging and wellness. At Scottsdale Senior Care, we advocate proper nutrition to all our clients, helping them live healthier, longer lives.

2. Dust off that forgotten exercise equipment

Exercise is an important part of healthy ageing. Older adults who live a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to negative declines in health and wellbeing. A proper exercise plan, coupled with needed motivation, is a must for any older adult. In addition, proper exercise and movement helps to fight age-related illnesses. The benefits of exercise cannot be overlooked, start your exercise regiment today.

3. Save your lungs

Smoking is a leading causer of cancer and health decline in older adults. Avoiding this bad habit prolongs the life of an individual and reduces the risk of lung cancer and other health declines.

4. Be a social butterfly

Being social and active is actually a bonus when it comes to healthy aging. People who have social ties are more likely to live a better life in later life.

5. Sleep, sleep, sleep

Adequate sleep translates to improvements in memory and cognition. If an individual is not receiving the needed hours of sleep at night, he or she will have a difficult time concentrating the next day and eventually will decline in memory capabilities. At Scottsdale in-home care, we believe that the importance of sleep cannot be stressed enough. Our caregivers assist our clients sleep restfully at night by helping them eat healthy meals and exercise during the day. With these steps taken, one can age gracefully and enjoy a balanced lifestyle in later life.


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